About Me


A User Experience Analyst with 9 years of experience in managing seamless user experience for web, desktop & mobile based applications. I have a wide-ranging experience working with various user centered design processes and methodologies including developing conventional Information Architecture, applying design methodologies, defining intuitive interaction, and creating conceptual and visual designs. I have experience in conducting user testing and performing heuristic evaluation.

I also hold a HFI (Human Factors International) Certification as “CUA – Certified Usability Analyst”.

Currently working with Vistaar Solution as Leas User Experience from July 2012


Wireframe Tools:           • Visio • Power Point • Axure • Balsamiq Mockups • Pencil

Design Tools                  • Photoshop • Flash • Flex

Language                      • HTML • JavaScript

Development Tools         • Dreamweaver • Visual Studio

Platform                        • Web site • Web Application • Desktop • iPhone

Others                           • W3C guidelines • Web Accessibility • SEO

Job Functions

Plan user experience activities

Define UX strategy

Prototype Design

Interface Design and Documentation

UX Evaluation & Validation

Links of latest work

1) http://www.jatinparmar.com/archives/portfolio/survery-app Mobile & Web Application

2) http://jatinparmar.com/HTML/RBM-Finance/ RBM Finance application

3) http://jatinparmar.com/HTML/Admin/login.html Admin Application

4) http://www.jatinparmar.com/ All other work.

Professional Profile

Employer : Vistaar Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Title : Lead User Experience
Dates of employment : July 2012 till date
Project : Internal Projects.
Software : Balsamiq, Adobe Photoshop CS5, PowerPoint & Visio.

Project Description      :  Work on price management application for client’s for their deal management functionality. Create wireframe and UI Design for Web, Mobile & Pad.

My Role:

  • Create Wireframe & flow of application for web, Mobile & Pad as well as create Visual design.
  • Drive decisions for enhancing user experience with cross functional design/ technology/ management teams
  • Be the Consultant for various Usability initiatives within organization and lead design reviews/ solutions with data insights & customer feedback
  • Plan and Propose short term/ long term road maps for user experience/ information architecture and lead the team towards common goal of enhancing User Experience
Employer : Infosys Ltd.
Title : Lead User Interface Designer
Dates of employment : Dec 2011 to March 2012 (4 months)
Project : Internal Projects.
Software : Adobe Photoshop CS5, PowerPoint & Visio.

Project Description      :  Infosys has a portal for UX repository. I conducted research on page types like product list, compare product, list, search and Form Page. Create wireframe and UI Design for Web, iPhone, iPad & Andorid to make it re-usable across verticals/Domains.

My Role:

  • Research on UI Pattern on different site
  • Interview other UX designer about usage of common page type in Infosys.
  • Create wireframe with annotation and usage.
  • Create Visual Design as per the standard of UX portal.
Employer : Global eProcure (GeP) (View)
Title : UX Team Lead
Dates of employment : March 2009 till date
Project : Auction, RFx, Contract & Purchase web application.
Platform : Adobe Photoshop CS5, PowerPoint & Dreamweaver CS5.

Project Description      :  Global eProcure (GeP) is a procurement services firm focused on helping procurement executives refine their supply chain practices, and transform their procurement organizations — to substantially reduce costs for the enterprise.

My Role:

  • Collaborate with business analyst teams (PMG Group) to develop wireframes.
  • Conducted user interviews and SME discussion to understand How, What and Why needs to be deliver.
  • Translating User needs into functional requirements.
  • Identifying all content elements, relationship an dependencies.
  • Created User Interface Design, define HTML Standards & UI Testing through documentation.
  • Created Design & HTML prototype for iPhone.
  • Created Rich internet applications design & skin (Flex)
  • Conduct research on new web technologies and produce documentation.
  • Co-ordination with Development team and getting the screens done based on wireframe, considering the usability standards.
  • Developed UI patterns library to make it re-usable across 9 modules.
  • Set up design process suitable for the nature of organization.
  • Project Scoping, Tracking, Delivery and Reporting.
  • Mentor and train other members of the User Experience Design team.
  • Resource Management – Skills Assessment, Resource Allocation, appraisals and Performance Reviews
Employer : Kreeda Games India
Title : Sr. UX Designer
Dates of employment : October 2007 to March 2009 (1 years 5 months)
Project : Kreeda games application, Dance Mela website, My Fit Brain website
Platform : Adobe Photoshop CS3, Flash & Dreamweaver CS3.

Project Description        :  Brain training games that has the ability to keep their brain sharp as they age regardless of their income or where they live. The Project consists of designing the website & games for user above 45+ age.

My Role:

  • Requirement Gathering: Understanding the requirement by Interaction with customers in USA
  • Responsible for initiating and driving usability efforts in this project.
  • Presentation of prototypes to client and receiving the feedback.
  • Conducted user research for create guideline for User Interface design.
  • Create prototypes that serve as proof of concepts for clients as well as for the internal teams
  • Co-ordination with off-shore team and getting the prototype designs done based on wireframe, considering the usability standards.
  • External company conducted Usability test on website it score 89 out 100. (Can provide detail pdf if required)
Employer : Datamatics Ltd
Title : UI Designer
Dates of employment : June 2006 to September 2007
Project : TOM Software (Embedded Systems) (view)
Platform : Adobe Photoshop CS2, Visual Studio 2005

Project Description        :  Ticket office machine is point of sale application, which cater the need of automated fare calculation and provides different ticketing services. The application highly customizable and supports different hardware configurations.

My Role:

  • Responsible for creating the entire visual & graphic element required for the software application
  • Also responsible for analysis & testing of the UI element of the application before delivery to the client.
  • Experience supporting remote customer via telephone
  • Received Award for being part of innovative team as well as Clients appreciation on UI design.
Employer : Datamatics Ltd
Title : UI Designer
Dates of employment : June 2006 to September 2007
Project : KS Net UNFPA (Intranet Application) (View)
Platform : Adobe Photoshop CS2, Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.

Project Description        : The Project consists of developing the web application for the assets management for UNFPA.

My Role:

  • Prepared hand drawn sketches, wireframes and high fidelity prototypes.
  • Created prototypes using pure CSS techniques.
  • Integrated working prototype with Java environment.
  • Active participation in development cycle (design phase, development, implementation and testing)
  • Prepared presentation on Usability for educating importance of usability to colleagues & managers.

This project consists of making html as per w3c Standard and making it compatibility in 4 different browsers & in two operating system.

Employer : Neema Graphic (Bahrain) (www.neemait.com)
Title : Web Designer
Dates of employment : January 2005 to March 2006
Project : orsms (http://www.orsms.com)
Platform : Adobe Photoshop6, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash 5.

Project Description        : My role in this project was to execute end-to-end UX design process.

My Role:

  • Understand business & Conduct cross cultural research.
  • Validate site’s information architecture with target users & business.
  • Make it easy to use for on technical use to send SMS to all their contacts.
  • Create wireframe, Visual Design & HTML.
  • Testing of Interface designs with respect to usability and cross browser, platform, and Operating Systems compatibility.

Other Projects

www.gaytri.com www.labcom.nl
www.print-template.com www.nisr.net
www.amritgroup.com www.petroleumleader.net

Received Award

  • Auction project for ease of use, design & UI Testing in Global eProcure.
  • Tom project for User Interface Design a desktop application in Datamatics Ltd.

Personal Details

Degree                         : Bachelor of Commerce from Mumbai University, India in 2003-2004.

Professional Qualification:

Usability Analyst : Human Factors International (CUA) (July2008)

Web Designing               : Diploma in Web Designing from Image Institute of Digital Technology (July2001)

Date of Birth                  : 19th July 1981